Strategies and Tactics of Patrol Stops

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What is STOPS Training Program?

IADLEST Nationally Certified Program The Strategies & Tactics of Patrol Stops (STOPS) officer's survival course instructs police officers to safely deploy from the patrol vehicle.

The STOPS program bases its research on officer incidents where they have been injured or killed in the line of duty. We then developed strategies and tactics that countered the assaults, significantly increasing the officer's survival probability. The STOPS program is nationally and internationally recognized as a top-tier tactical/officer survival training program.

The training breaks vehicle stops into low risk, unknown risk, and high risk. Each category has pre-planned options to minimize the chances of being assaulted by both accidental and felonious means. Officers will learn to identify the safest way to deal with every situation and recognize the danger cues of an assailant. The tactics taught in this course return officers to the line of duty with superior training and a tactical mindset to dominate against an assault when the officer MUST make split-second decisions. STOPS training is realistic and highly dynamic with both classroom and dynamic field exercises. These classes will also include our bonus force on force training. Upon obtaining instructor-level certification, instructors will be certified to teach the "STOPS Tactical" Officer's Survival System.

STOPS is our most popular and fastest-growing course. Its proven principles are being instructed by many police academies nationally and by thousands of local, federal, and state police departments nationwide. The STOPS course will provide your patrol officers with the tactics and know-how needed to safely conduct vehicle traffic stops, reduce department liability and officer complaints, and teach necessary survival tactics for both vehicular and felonious assaults.

Simply put...STOPS saves cops!!


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The Goal of STOPS Training Program

The goal of the (S.T.O.P.S) training program is to instruct sworn law enforcement officers in the following:

  • how to conduct tactical traffic stops with officers survival being the foremost concern
  • how to counter both accidental and felonious assaults
  • how to assess the risks and recognize the threat cues by both the driver and passengers
  • how to safely position the police and violator vehicles
  • how to safely approach vehicles and keep control while making contact with the driver/passengers
  • how to safely conduct commercial vehicle traffic stops
  • how to tactically execute high-risk stops
  • how to counter-ambush assaults and win
  • how to escape from the 12 ambush zones
  • how to safely conduct drug interdiction stops
  • how to avoid citizen complaints and conflicts with violators

It is our most popular and fastest-growing course and taught by many State Police Academies nationally.

The experience of the S.T.O.P.S program goes beyond the citation to focus on the officer's safety and survival.

STOPS Instructor Tier Program.


STOPS Instructor (Tier 5)

Sign up for the Instructor level course and leave certified to teach your agency and other law enforcement officers the Basic STOPS course.

STOPS Instructor (Tier 4)

Complete Advanced STOPS Instructor Live Fire and Understanding Police Use of Force courses. *Tier 5 successful completion required

STOPS Instructor (Tier 3)

Complete Patrol Counter Ambush and Tactical Vehicle Combatives Live Fire courses. *Tier 5 and Tier 4 successful completion required

STOPS Instructor (Tier 2)

After completing Tiers 3, 4, and 5, you are eligible to be considered for selection into the Elite Trainer Program for STOPS USA. Once the selection panel approves the applicant, they must complete several field training classes under a Master Instructor. Upon successfully completing the field training, a Master Instructor will promote them to Instructor Trainer. Once promoted, the Instructor Trainer will be assigned a regional area to represent and market STOPS USA for that region. We are currently looking to expand several regions with new Instructor Trainers.

STOPS Master Instructor (Tier 1)

Selection to Master Instructor is awarded individually by the Executive Director of STOPS USA. This Master Instructor status is reviewed annually and evaluated based solely on expertise, performance, and overall dedication to expanding the STOPS training nationally.

Nationally Accredited Training Course