Tactical Undercover Survival (1 Day)

A course instructed at the FBI Academy for many years to FBI Special Agents, by the legendary Frank White (DEA/Retired). Frank White will be the primary instructor for this challenging course. Learn more about Frank White at The White Report -- DEA Watch

This course was designed for Undercover Officers, but all police officers will benefit attending this close quarter battle course.

Our top training goal is to ensure that the officer when confronted in a violent encounter will be able to make better decisions faster, while at the same time acting decisively and effectively.

The officer must be able to think clearly under stress and act tactically within the context of extreme peril. Untrained officers oftentimes make disastrous tactical mistakes, display poor decision making and react too slowly in real world gun battles.

My team of instructors will provide the officer the wisdom of whether to engage, when to engage and how to engage. The officer will develop tactical wisdom which comes from actionable practice drills and mental rehearsal strategies coupled closely with use of force legal case doctrine. There are three distinct and equally important elements that will be taught to the officer, the struggle before the gunfight, the fight itself and the legal ramifications after the fight.

This is a physically and mentally challenging 3 day course of instruction that will teach officers Close Quarter Combat in the gym, on the firing range, and how to win the battle through superior mental mindset. Officers will be required to bring 1500 rounds of target ammunition for the close quarter live fire drills.